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اربح فرصة مدفوعة التكاليف إلى قمة المناخ الدولية في ألمانيا

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5 Funded Spots at COP23!

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Join our Ethiopian Workshop and become a Climate Journalist

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Win a spot for our South Asia Workshop and become an expert in Climate Journalism!

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Raih kesempatan mengikuti pelatihan kami di Indonesia!

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¡Postula por un lugar en nuestros Talleres Climáticos!

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Become a Climate Journalist & Win a spot at our SEAsia Workshop!

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Short Term Role: Climate Tracker Workshop Coordinator

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صناع افلام لتغطية الإبتكارات المتعلقة بمجال المناخ

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Film Makers for Climate Innovation

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